My life in nutshell

Firstly hi to all the readers out there. This is my first post. Let’s begin with why and how I am here? Last night I was feeling chaotic. It was then I decided to discuss it with my better half. She enlightened me that its the right time to share my thoughts with the world. Thanks love .

So, today I am here to reach few of you with my life story. How I had managed to survive through all the thicks & thins. Today, I am glad to share my story of imperfections & failure.

So, I am from India, the incredible India where many social stigmas exist and students face there own challenges. I am from a middle class family & aspired to become an Iitian. But its really really sad in our country that all the big decisions of our life are being taken by parents or society. Same way, my dad took the decision on my part and ordered me that I have to go for medical. It was frustating but had no options. Here I wanna add my mom always supported me and she ‘s my strength but that time she couldnt change my father’s decision.Its as if my fate was in hands of my dad. After all shorts of reluctance I had to join a renowned coaching institute made for aspiring medical candidates. I was trying to fit in the dreams of my dad.I accepted it. Slowly & steadily things were getting into place. Then comes a twist, or could say a moment of adrenaline rush. A girl joined my coaching. It was love at first sight, pal. I started dating her. Now love life, career everything was going good. This second dream also got shattered. This time it was a major one and hard to accept.She left me because of a misunderstanding which could be sorted out. I was so shattered that I was reluctant to stand again. I was not ready to accept the rejection. So, the time came that it became easy for me to commit suicide rather than fighting back. But again time healed my wounds.I got distracted badly and left my studies. I was not matured at that time. So, blamed her for my failure. But always remember if she loved me she never had left me. It was her loss not mine. I couldnt make it to the medical college but landed to one of the reputed indian agriculture college in reputed university.Many people including my parents and relatives criticized me a lot on my failure. But as always I had never stop trying.

So, I just wanna mention that life is not about perfections. My dreams got shattered thrice but I have never lost hope. You know what failure doesnt makes us looser rather not accepting the failure does. Accept it , improve yourself & work until you get success. Still I am not successful. No one is in real sense. Everyone of us is toiling to achieve something better.Try to INTROSPECT & self motivate yourself. Stand & fight for your dreams.

Today, I am relieved after sharing my thoughts with strangers. Hope to hear about your life & stories of motivation

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